WifeBFF Gets A Book Deal

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I know WifeBFF won’t mind me snatching borrowing this from her site to give her a shout-out:

From Publisher’s Lunch:

Deesha Philyaw and Michael Thomas’s CO-PARENTING 101: Advice from a Formerly Married Couple on Parenting Across Two Households, the first book co-authored by a divorced couple for whom co-parenting is central to their daily lives, providing expert advice, practical tips, and tried-and-true tactics developed from real life co-parenting experiences, to Melissa Kirk at New Harbinger, for publication in 2013, by Danielle Chiotti at Upstart Crow Literary(World).  



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How we get down (not!)

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WifeBFF has the featured post at Huffington Post -Divorce (click below):

“My Ex and I are Swingers…and Other Myths About Cooperative Co-Parenting”

Can’t stop, won’t stop

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My favorite writer is doin’ thangs. Check her out:

“Write Your Damned Book Proposal Already!”

Like us!

In Write Your Damned Book Proposal Already!, you can expect 6 weekly group web teleconference calls covering the key components of a successful non-fiction book proposal. The calls will be led by Deesha Philyaw, owner of …the last word. LLC. Each week’s call will include a mini-lecture, practical strategies to get you from concept to completion, and a Q&A period. Topics covered will include:

  • Why a book proposal is necessary
  • What agents and publishers look for in a book proposal
  • What should be included in a book proposal
  • The role of research in the proposal writing process
  • Determining the audience/market for your book
  • Building your author’s platform
  • Your proposal is complete…now what?

Additionally, you will receive:

  • A reading of your completed or partial proposal plus two (2) 30-minute individual consultations with Deesha (via phone or chat), all scheduled at your convenience prior to, during, or within 6 months of completing the webinar
  • Feedback on your completed or partial book proposal from Danielle Chiotti via a one-page checklist (within 6 months of completing the webinar)
  • A complimentary e-book, Get Published and Get (Well) Paid!, by Yvonne Bynoe, founder of Soulful Affluence, a resource for “starving artists” who desire to become financially thriving creative entrepreneurs

So if you, or someone you know, has a non-fiction book idea and need help getting started, join us!

“Men Married to Smart Women Live Longer”

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Yeah, I got the upgrade for real.

But ain’t this a bitch?:

Unfortunately, it’s not a talent for whipping out witty references to Thomas Hobbes or the ability to decipher economic policy that helps extend the hubs’ life, but rather an insistent and well-informed nagging. Researchers say educated women possess more knowledge about healthy living and pass those healthy tidbits on to their partners.

Better not let WifeBFF see this. It’ll only encourage her “well-informed nagging”.

Wordless Weekend

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“How Narcissists Abuse Children During and After Divorce”

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An excerpt:

Emotional Abuse by a Narcissistic Parent

Narcissists will use people in whatever way in necessary to get what they want. This world view also applies to their children…During and after divorce, a narcissist’s emotional abuse of their children may seem more direct or blatant…

Narcissists are masters of lying. They will lie to their children and distort reality the same as they do to everyone else. Often, narcissists will sacrifice their children’s well-being in an attempt to save face. This leaves the children feeling confused and unsure of their own reality and judgment. Narcissists will ask their children to lie for them, keep secrets and to spy on the other parent.

Narcissistic parents do not respect their children’s desires. They may make promises to the children in order to gain compliance from the child, then refuse to honor the promises. Children may miss out on birthday parties, sporting events or other activities important to them in order to accommodate the narcissistic parent’s wishes. The children soon learn that what they want is not important when with the narcissistic parent…

It may seem excessive or restraining but in the long run…written agreements will often be easier than constantly renegotiating with an unreliable and emotionally abusive former spouse.

Divorce is never easy on children. Coping with a narcissistic parent makes a stressful situation even more difficult. Learning to identify the games narcissists play can help parents to minimize the emotional abuse children suffer at the hands of a narcissistic parent.