Daddy don’t do cornrows … yet!

I have been blessed (which runs concurrent with being cursed) with two beautiful daughters.  Good kids :)! They are respectful, smart and obedient. They are without a doubt collectively the joy of my life.

But at times I wish that they required the same amount of maintenance as little boys (emotionally, physically and socially), at least as much as I believe boys need. Keep in mind that I’m no child psychologist although I am actively involved in rearing my kids, which should qualify my judgment and reasoning for something.

<I know that that’s what I am suppose to do, not looking for points just making a statement.>

With my girls I don’t get to “pop into” the barbershop on Saturdays and wait around for forty-five minutes shooting the shit with the other patrons while they get a fade and shape up. I make appointments weeks and sometimes a month in advance to schedule the “right” hair technician, beautician, stylist and shampoo girl or boy at some salons. All this planning and I still have a three to four hour wait and my pockets are significantly lighter at the end of the day. What the hell is a “relaxer” anyway?

Let me not forget the demand to wear pink … although, purple, yellow and turquoise are acceptable for some occasions, the color of choice is always pink. Pink walls, shoes,lip-gloss and backpacks — just enough to make you sick. The younger they were; at times it didn’t matter if all shades of pink were the same or not, so they would rock an outfit with fuchsia and hot-pink without skipping a beat. Boys will wear any color except pink

Eventually, their “Time of the Month” will come – there’s no equivalent for boys.  Girls cry! It’s a little hard to yell at a girl when as soon as you do their eyes fill up bubbling tears. My chest tightens and I begin to feel bad. With “jr.”, he may get laughed at if he cries before I pull out the belt. (Okay … okay I do understand that some boys are as sensitive as little girls if not more so, but no son of mine would be!) When my li’l princesses get scared at night or just want to cuddle, I have to welcome them into my arms and squeeze them and be extra-comforting assuring them that everything will be fine just let daddy take care of you. Blah blah blah If I had a son- that would be a quick three second interaction (Boy – stop whining and go to bed!) 

Dance recitals vs. a ball game: first off I hate seeing little girls with their faces painted up like Tammy Faye. Stop pressuring your daughters to enter into these damn kiddie beauty pageants, you are teaching your child that it’s okay for others to judge them and determine their worth and that they are in competition with others to be better looking or “more talented”. When in all actuality you should be reinforcing their individualism and teaching them to be comfortable in their own skin. I digress, boys join a team, get dirty, win or lose and play again next season. 

They aren’t dating yet … and if it were up to me they won’t date until they are thirty-five. Set aside the whole possibility of pregnancy, being mistreated and abused by some knucklehead dude I’ll have to shoot, my dating advice would be different and outright contradictory.

             Me to daughters: “take your time and experience all that life has to offer – don’t get involved until you have graduated college and traveled the world.” 

             Me to a son: “Boy, you need to get all you can while you can … high school will be some the best years of your life, live and let live. Love ‘em and leave ‘em. Hey, that science teacher of yours is kinda cute.” 

I hate my co-worker NYC. That bastard has daughters that are the same age of my girls but he does their hair. Braids, plats, curls and weaves. Maybe not weaves, but he has commented more than a few times that he knows how to do French twists and box braids. And to think … his hands are rougher looking than mine. I struggle with parting their hair straight and pulling it into a presentable ponytail.  

I’m on the lookout for a local hair academy to train me in the art of doing my babies hair at home.

 No I’m not – I will continue to post my thoughts here…


~ by blkirish on January 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Daddy don’t do cornrows … yet!”

  1. The next time you come crying to me for a cuddle at bedtime, I’m going to say, “Boy, stop whining and go to bed!”

    Kudos to your co-worker NYC for doing his girls’ hair!!!

  2. Do me a favor…ask NYC if he’ll do MY hair? I didn’t know we had a beautician in the office!

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