From my favorite Poet …

Last Night for cef 

Last night, somebody told me:

“I see a change in you, and it’s him.”

Baby, they were talking about you.

In me, they see your light

The way you have illuminated dark places

And awakened my deepest self

Like sunshine breaking an endless dawn

At the height of morning

Around me, they feel your devotion

The way you cherish me

Comfort, and serve me

They see your arc of friendship and care

Encircling me

Guiding and applauding me

Encouraging my wings

Softening my landings

Beside me, they see you,

Receiving me

The best parts of me

This heart that needed a home

These arms that needed to hold

This mind that needed rest

The soul that needed laughter

From me, they hear a new song

Eager notes

And rhythms shaped like dreams

A steady bass reverberating

A jazz-sweet-moan of contentment

Playful joy, like Ella’s scat

On me, they see your hands

The way they shape me into the woman

I am meant to be

Into the fullness of life

And love

And possibility

They see a woman, well-loved

by: Deesha Philyaw 


~ by blkirish on January 27, 2008.

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