If not Obama, then McCain? – like hell!

Occaisionally, but more frequently these days, I read the blog of ABC News Senior National Correspondent – Jake Tapper. Today I’m just getting around to his 1/23 posting; “If not Obama, then McCain“.


This posting addresses a few scenario’s but what resonates into alarm for me is the suggestion and very “likely-ness ness ness” that we may have Rep. McCain as our leader for the next four years.  Check out this link for an idea of how he has voted on issues that may be important to you. In my mind, If Obama does not receive the Democratic party nomination —McCain will run away with the popular votes and the electoral college votes and thus, the presidency.

Billary   I believe that numerous polls have shown that if Bill-ary does not win the nomination, it would be an obvious choice for most of their supporters to transistion to Obama’s camp. But if Obama loses, it’s not as clear if whether or not his devoted will be quick to wear Bill-ary pins.


Mike Bloomberg may be a more likely choice over McCain for democrats not wanting another four years of the Clinton machine, but can he muster up enough support after a democratic split? – I think not!

We need to get out to the polls people, these primaries count. Let’s make a strong showing and support Obama. You know how I see it- If not Obama, then McCain — but not by choice!


~ by blkirish on February 7, 2008.

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