Now what Girls?

Background:  My ex and I share custody of my daughters; seven days on then seven days off. Because of job travel I have to relinquish a day or two and sometimes three to the ex every so often. She seems fine with this arrangement and I do what I can to give her as much notice as I can with regards to planning.

Please tell me why — it never fails, when my girls know that I am out of town they have major health issues. This week while away, not even a whole 24 hours, one daughter thinks she has a broken ankle and the other has minor migraines. A the youngest calls me when she gets home from elementary school:

 “daddy, there’s something wrong with my ankle” 

me: “Why do you think that honey?”

A: “I don’t know why but my ankle is hurting really bad right now!”

me: ” Did something happen today in school that may have hurt your ankle?”

A: “No, just gym class”  ( Third grade gym is not to be confused with high school sports – (I don’t think they play jump rope outside anymore, someone might get hurt and the parents might sue the school board; so strenuous activity and running was out of the question.)

Me: Realizing that maybe she is exaggerating a little – ” Honey, stay off of your ankle and when mommy comes home be sure to tell her about your ankle and I’m sure she will take good care of it”.

A: “Are you sure that you won’t have to come and take me to the doctor?”

Me: “I’m sure dear, but if necessary,I’m sure mommy will take you.”

A: reluctantly – “okay”

Strange enough the older of the two did not call immediately after school this day, but not unusual enough for me to be concerned. So, at eight-thirty I get a call that I had to send to voicemail because I was not in a position to take the call.

Two hours later I get the message left by my oldest child, eleven years old.

D: Good evening daddy this is me “D”, sorry I didn’t call you this afternoon when I got home from school, I did my homework and because I had such a bad headache I took a nap. Oh … can you tell by my voice how sick I am? Anyway I love you … Talk to you later!

Okay, now I can’t really express the exaggeration in her voice in text but it was “kinda-like” the voice you use when you call into work to take a sick day when you aren’t really sick. Yeah .. that’s the one.

So I cal the mother to see what if anything “really” was going on. She confirmed my beliefs that each girl wanted attention … so she entertained them as much as she could for the evening then sent them to bed – alls well.

fast-forward to this morning’s daily call –

D: “Good morning daddy, did I wake you?”

Me: “No honey I’m getting dressed are you ready to leave out to catch your bus?”

D: “Yes, I just wanted to make sure you heard my message last night, I was so sick and I had a headache and I didn’t know what to do.

Me: “I talked to your mom and she told me that she took care of everything.”

D: after a brief pause “I just really wish you were here.”

Me: ” I know dear, maybe next time, I’ll talk to you later finih getting yourself ready for school and don’t be late. I love you, have a great day!”

Not to be out done, the little one calls this aternoon after getting home from school. And after updating me on todays school events she revisits the ankle. Wanting to know what the difference was between a sprained and a twisted ankle, will she need crutches… blah blah blah. Keep in mind that mommy is home today and is sitting in the same house and is available to answer these wuestions. We went around in circles for about ten minutes before I had to end the call. From the amount of lip service she was giving you would think that her foot was amputated and she was awake during the procedure.

At 3:45 like clock work, “D” calls. Homefrom school,… day was great blah blah blah …no mention of the head trauma until I asked how was her head feeling this afternoon, hen all of a sudden …  arghh ughh arghhh -“I’m a little better, I hope it doesn’t hurt me like last night.

Exasperation sets in at this point, Again I end the call – knowing that there will be more later. Why can’t these kids simply say daddy I miss you! Why do they choose to make up these ailments. Aren’t they too old to be suffering from separation anxiety?


~ by blkirish on February 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Now what Girls?”

  1. Admit it: If they didn’t call for a Daddy-fix, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

  2. okay .. admitted!

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