Valentine’s Day ’08 gets an Eh …

Not the “overly romantical” type … but your boy does appreciate a good heart & candy day every year.

As tradition dictates … I <the man> should spoil her <the woman> with chocolates, gifts, flowers and perhaps a night out on at a trendy restuarant.  _That ain’t happening this year.

Princess is 250.47 miles away physically and another 2,000 miles away emotionally this year. This morning she made an entry  into her blog  that I enjoyed and yes … I did comment on it. 

Anyway … I can’ t articulate at the moment exactly where we are with “Valentine’s Day – today”; I’m *nonplussed*, but I know that we are fine.  I am however, functioning half-speed at the moment. Not just because of “US”, but the Ex has chosen today to trip out. (Reminder: check old married menstruation calendar – is it that time of the month?)

Princess and I need to have a discussion this evening about this … while at the jeweler with my boy NYC this afternoon I nearly had an anxiety attack because her posting was playing around in my head.  Maybe I’ll write about that later.

I plan on posting more frequently — There is something therapeutic about his thing.


~ by blkirish on February 14, 2008.

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