I thought I knew fashion

I’m scratching my head right now .. Why does my daughter (age 9) insist on changing the tops that I choose for her to wear to school? She selected these tops and it’s not like she doesn’t like them because she does wear them, just not with the pants that I pick put every morning.

A part of me invites her to exercise her indiviidualism and make her own choices as far as clothes go … but not every dayum morning. I swear this little girl put on a top this morning that I set out for her yesterday – the only difference in the outfits were the jeans. But jeans are jeans, you can’t tell me that she is so particular that specific tops can only be worn with certrain bottoms.

This is the same child that refuses to carry a purse evenb though her older fashionista sister (11 yrs old) does. I was under the impression that she detested status quo stylings. A rude awakening my way is a coming!

Monday night she nade a fuss about having matching “unmentionables”. Since when did she care if her little bra and panties matched, let alone if they were “cute”. Didn’t she tell me not to trust anyone that liked pink? Did her opinion on that change as well?

I’ve also noticed that she is taking longer in the bathroom. hmm – I have to consult with the S.O. and then the ex about this (in that order).


~ by blkirish on February 20, 2008.

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