I’m jonesing for my baby …

The S.O. was in town this past weekend with her little ones for President’s day and other business. Because we are responsible parents-ish, we had “almost” no adult time. Thanks to baby girl feeling slightly under the weather, errrr … ummm  (don’t take that out of context), which called for a quick trip to the pharmacy; we wouldn’t have had any adult time to talk or touch.  

Being the opportunist that we are …  whoo hooo ….  (I’d like to send a shout out to 24hr CVS pharmacies across the land.)

Any whoooo … We had church with the kids, the step daughter and the ex all sitting together like one big “blended” family. Minor if any tension was evident – except that the ex did mention that I was sweating profusely in a well air conditioned church. lol…  After service we chil-laxed and lo & behold the ex shows up.

No drama here! The step daughter and a friend ate while the ex sat around and then we all participated in a ” mock” election … more about that in a later post. 

Back to the title …  Kudos to S.O. Honey, tonight she is sitting on a panel at Duquesne reaching out to the kids in a discussion on the African American condition in Pittsburg or something like that. My baby is a big wig y’all .

I miss her …  


~ by blkirish on February 20, 2008.

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