My guilty pleasure ..

My guilty pleasure is the HBO original series “The Wire“.  At times I want to kick the shyt out of myself for enjoying this bullshyt as much as I do. These characters for the are unbelievable.

These are definitely sensationalized caricatures magnified to the tenth power but wow! I keep myself from tuning into this BS whenever possible. Myonly saviour is when I’m at the S.O.’s house on Sunday nights because she doesn’t have HBO. But eventually I come home and I do have Comcast on demand.  At this very momen I am struggling whether or not to watch next weeks episode. S.O. is working and it looks like a late night … hmmm . But I am currently listening to . So I may wait until tomorrow night.

I do want to see Gump Ass Omar get his man with Marlo and his muscle Chris. His little escape scene was nice a few episodes ago (again unbelievable). I’m ending this post here because I.m convincing myself to turn it on … I have to work tomorrow.  Although  I more than likely will be scheduled to report later because the Fed shuts down at the threat of ensueing inclimate weather.

S.O. is on the line working as I BS abouty tonight.  (now playing: Cameo – Sparkle)


~ by blkirish on February 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “My guilty pleasure ..”

  1. That’s a whooooole lotta denial going on there, hon. The one time that you had it on, I tried not to watch so as to not become addicted (it’s that first hit of crack or meth that gets you, I’ve heard).

  2. It is the final season and all … I’ll chalk it up to supporting a dramatic program with a strong afro-american cast, dedicated to bring to light some of the social ills of an inner sity community.


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