Slow jam No-Brainer

Okay I’m a slow jam music lover …. I have googled lyrics for vague songs like midnight romancer and popular songs like jagged edge’s – walked out of heaven. I joined yahoo music, file sharing programs and subscribed to online radio stations.

Alfter all of that, tonight I have found my holy grail

This site is all slow jam all the time. And not just some kid playing the same eight songs in random rotation but experienced well-known radio personalities. Among them are: Al B. “off on your own” Sure, LA’s Lisa St. Regis and a dude that I grew up listening to here in the DC metro area, my favorite DJ- Kevin “Slow Jamming” James.

If by chance a hit plays that you need for your personal I-Pod collection don’t fret … as it plays there is a link to download it immediately. As I submit this post I’m listening to “secrect lovers”.

Check it out folks …
Making the worls a better place .. one slow jam at a time!


~ by blkirish on February 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Slow jam No-Brainer”

  1. Thank you sooooo much for finding us…and for listening…and for spreading the word!

  2. I’m glad you found us! I LOVE playing the slow jams, and all of us have been doing this for years, either making the music (In Al B!’s case) or playing it on the air as well as building up our own collections! 🙂 Please feel free to reach out any time and give us your suggestions. We are a station who actually cares about your input, and really appreciates that you take the time to reach out.

  3. This post is the truth! is the best Radio Program with ALL, and I mean ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE OLD SCHOOL AND NEW SCHOOL JAMS!!!!!!
    All of the DJ’s are top notch! R Dub is a GENIOUS for creating a SHOW that PLAYS 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS a WEEK OF NOTHING BUT THE BEST SLOW JAMS!

    THANKS R DUB! you rock for sure! 🙂

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