I enjoy my kids y’all

These days I get home at a decent time, enough time to sit with the girls and have dinner at the kitchen table. We do homework, not just “go over” it and we have quality time to “hang” before I ship them off to la la land.

They are in the third and sixth grades at different schools and have extremely different daily experiences. The little one has a teacher that stuck a pen in an outlet while in elementary school and nearly electrocuted himself. Her sister is ready to start a petition against her math teacher because she doesn’t agree with why a fellow student was chastised today.

I have no memory of spending this much time afterschool with my mother when I was their ages. At 6:46pm my mother was at work or at church or bowling or anywhere other than here. Odd that I’ve never thought about that until this moment.

They are now sharing stories about which teacher has had or will be having surgeries this school year. These are some of the most busy bodied little girls , into everything. Now discussing a boy in the little one’s class who is “really” bad (Kevin B.).

If nothing else they are happy .. loud at times but very happy. They make me smile as I watch them imitate Mary J. blidge and Micheal Jackson singing and dancing. Don’t they know that it’s the end of February, why are they listening to Christmas songs.

That’s enough for now .. have to push the little one up for her bath before we do some math time test practice. Just enough time to get a few chapters in before bed with both of them.


~ by blkirish on February 21, 2008.

One Response to “I enjoy my kids y’all”

  1. I know what you mean about parents of our generation who did not spend quality time with their children. I had a house key around my neck by the time I was 8 years old. My older sister did all the babysitting while both of my parents worked two jobs. It rarely occurred to me to even desire more time from my parents. My siblings and I got into much mischief because we were raising ourselves. It was like Lord of the Flies in South Jersey. I think the children of our generation will greatly benefit from having parents that are aware of the value of good parenting. Hats off to you as a great dad! Do ya thang, papi!

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