Barack’s Clear Choice

I hope that I’m not the only person that feels US policy regarding trade with Cuba is outdated and has been unfair. 50 years of this must end! And I am advocating Obama’s plan for change.

During last night’s debate he let it be known that he is willing to meet with the New Cuban leadership with openess and an unbiased, expectation-less attitude. John McCain was very blatant that he plans to support the current policies and the conditions that they create.

Pay attention to this issue as the battle for presidency continues to heat up!

Obama promises ‘clear choice’

in November on Cuba
Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama increasingly are assuming they will face each other in the general election. Today McCain called Obama’s position on Cuba “dangerously naive” and Obama said that “in November, there will be a clear choice” between his views and McCain’s.

In last night’s Democratic debate, Obama said he would meet with the new leader of Cuba without preconditions, but said he would require preparation of an agenda that included human rights, release of political prisoners and a free press.

“So Raul Castro gets an audience with an American president, and all the prestige such a meeting confers, without having to release political prisoners, allow free media, political parties, and labor unions, or schedule internationally monitored free elections. Instead, Sen. Obama says he would meet Cuba’s dictator without any such steps in the hope that talk will make things better for Cuba’s oppressed people. Meet, talk, and hope may be a sound approach in a state legislature, but it is dangerously naive in international diplomacy,” McCain said in a statement.

That brought an answering salvo from Obama. “John McCain would give us four more years of the same Bush-McCain policies that have failed U.S. interests and the Cuban people for the last 50 years,” Obama said. “My policy will be based on the principle of liberty for the Cuban people, and I will seek that goal through strong and direct presidential diplomacy, and an immediate change in policy to allow for unlimited family visitation and remittances to the island.”

USA TODAY’s David Jackson passes along McCain remarks from Indianapolis in which he said “the people of Cuba deserve to have the prisons emptied, they deserve human rights organizations working there, and they deserve free and fair elections… Unless those things happen, I see no reason, whatsoever — whatsoever — to sit down and have unconditional talks with (new leader) Raul Castro.”


~ by blkirish on February 22, 2008.

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