Omar has left the building ..

Wow !


I’ve been waiting three days to make this post. Not wanting to be a spoiler for those “WIRE” fans that do not have Comcast ondemand. For all of you who “knew” it was coming, could you have imagined that he was going to dropped so unceremoniously after the spiderman — super hero getaway a few weeks ago!

I’m not all that surprised that that little pint-sized bad ass Kennard lit him up, he’s a future statistic anyway. It surprises me more that his elementary school bang’in ass wasn’t murk’ed earlier in the season — or at least smacked around more. To bad that there are only two episodes left in the series, I’d love to see his l’il ass either go straight or go to jail. As it stands, he comes off as a ghetto super star for dropping the most vicious killer on the block.

When the hell is McNulty going to get his? I am so damn tired of the McNulty Chronicles that I ignore that fact that he started all of this serial killer bullshit with good intentions. Doesn’t Lester know that McNulty is fucked-up in the head, why partner up with this lunatic? For some reason, I just don’t think that McNulty is going to answer for any of his irresponsible activity. Anyway … it wouldn’t be the same great show with McNulty weird ass. Hopefully, Kima will turn his ass in. Will Bunk go down with him?

Clay Davis is the M*Fkin Man! (shhhhhheeeeeiiiiiiiit)

I’m still not convinced that Marlo will be put away with the evidence that has been developing against him … so far. He has never been seen with any product or tied physically to any bodies. Can’t say the same for Chris and my “man” Snoop.

And why are they turning “Dukie” ( a msart kid) into a trash man … he should have at least hooked up with Bubbles and began running a numbers racket. Crack Head bubbles at least has a head for making some coin.

When will the paper hang “Old Gus” out ti dry. If Templeton is still around after all of this bullshit then then when the shit hits the fan, the blackman will fall — at least in the “real-world”. But this is HBO – who knows?

I’m trying to occupy myself and not watch next week’s episode .. but damn that’s a lot of work.


~ by blkirish on February 25, 2008.

One Response to “Omar has left the building ..”

  1. It’s just as well there are only two episodes left. Most of my favorite “bad” guys are dead. Stringer Bell and Prop Joe were hard enough to take, but Omar… OMAAARRRR!

    Is there time for a cameo by Brother Mouzone?

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