Debate: Cleveland ’08 (Transcribed)


Three minutes in and I don’t trust her!

Healthcare Issue

(HC)- Her plan does not cover everyone !

(TR)- What’s up with the photo of “O” released this week?

(HC)- I dunno?

(O)- She’s lying .. my healthcare flyer is accurate, 95% of both plans are similar. And I am not leaving out 15-20 million citizens from health coverage. The people want to purchase they do not need to be forced … Billary’s plan does force the people to buy into her healthplan. Why is she disrespecting me and ridiculing me for taking part in a cultural exhibition?

HC)- What about making parent pay for their kids healthcare? — You and I both know that the insurance companies aren’t playing fair. The public will pick up the slack in cost. And I am aware that your experts don’t agree — I’m using Truman as a model. And I have experts too. The Fed has the means to cover the difference.

(O)- I stand for Universal Healthcare . What are you providing and why would you force it down the people’s throat?? The Insurance companies want everyone to pay.

(HC)- What if the parents get sick, who pays? … Under my plan it’s affordable because of tax credits and because of your income … you don’t have to pay out the ass.

(O)- You do not control cost, stop tripping! We can cover kids at an affordable price … but parents need to be responsible and purchase “something” If it’s affordable, they will pay — they want and need healthcare.

(HC)- Younger adults do not invest in healthnsurance because they see themselves as invincible. We need them to plan and pay upfront.

(O)- Whatever .. we emphasize the option for parents to pay up to 25yrs old ..



(HC)- Why do I always get the first question? I’m wavering in the wind on NAFTA .. some places it has works and others it has not. I have said many that we need to fix NAFTA — core standards, local support for “our” workers . NAFTA is broke and does not work.

(O)- Hillary didn’t you say that NAFTA was good for NYC? I have never supported that agreement. And yes I recognize that you are trying to switch your position. As prez I will review all contracts to support our workers, children and the US investors. I know how to get Ohio back on track … trust me!

(TR)- Hilary you are on record supporting NAFTA. Will you get us out of NAFTA in six months?
(HC)-Tim some places in NYC have benefited so it hasn’t been all bad.

(TR)- Are youchanging your position?

(HC)- Tim! What I have said and done may not be consistant but I am saying is that we “”could” opt out … going forward…

(TR)- Will you opt out if?

(HC)- maybe

(TR)- Big O will you opt out?

(O)- My answer is the same as hers.. We can’t commit but we should be open minded. I said this before ehile running for Senate. I called NAFTA out, check the records.

(TR)-Senator what’s up with “business as usual“? Jobs moving out of the country. Are yoiu sure that you understand this issue.

(O)- I am well informed! I have a plan to invest in the “green” jobs and in telecommunicatios. fuel and energy efficiency .. I can get us back on the map.

(TR)- To Hillary – How can you get 5 million jobs for Wisconsin? You said the same thing in Buffalo and it didn’t happen.

(HC)- Al Gore lost. He fucked up my plans and now I can get the green collar jobs done. geothermal, sun panels blah blah blah … Ohio, I have your best interest at hand. Germany did it … Ohio I can get you trained and hired .. 5 million strong.

(B)- To Big “O” : Foriegn policy what’s up with your inexperience per Hilary.

(O)- Foreign policy sheeeeiitt from day one I was against this war. Am I wrong? how much experience do I need to say that we need to lock down Pakistan? I have been on point with my position.

(B)- To HC:What’s your opinion on Obama’s stance? He did speak out against the war and we both have voted the same to support the funding. We are saying the same thing … and …. last Summer, why did he say that he would bomb Pakistan? Why would he meet with terrorist? He’s crazy. I will continue traveling around the US blowing smoke, and I will do this against McCain.

(O)- I’ve been opposed to the war from day one and it has turned out to be a clusterfuck. She, however, was a Bush supporter … not to say “I told you” so,but I told you so. And yes I will bomb Pakistan. Don’t just look at the speech, look at my consistancy.

(TR)- Iraqi Government and removing the troops?

(O)- If they want us out then we will be gone ..

(HC)- I’ll pull the troops out begining in my first 90 days.

(TR)- Will you go back into Iraqi if all hell breaks loose?

(HC)- I’m struggling with getting our troops home I’m not even thinking about going back. — He is not stepping up regarding afghanistan.

(O)- I just became the Committee chairman .. I will always look out for the US interest. If Iraq starts tripping I will bust that ass.

(B)- To “O”: How did you take HC’s remarks?

(O)- I have 20yrs in and I stand by my record!

(HC)- I was having fun with “O” but I know that healthcare for everyone won’t be easy. I’ve done it and know how to get back 55 million back from the special interest groups. I can get it back and out it to work for the people. I voted for the good fight and the Big “O” didn’t.

(B)- back to the video..

(O)- Stop picking and choosing what you support, “co-President”. Now back to the credit cards.. I did not support any of the bill and she did. How is she fighting healthcare honestly when in ’93 she believed that just fighting wa sthe way and she fought everybody including her party members.

(TR)- To “O”: Will you give the money back to the people for campaign running?

(O)- I have already restricted what money I will accept. The American people are financing this run .. and I’m still being vague,

(TR)- To HC: What’s up with the Tax money from your and Bill overseas dealings?
(HC)- I will release my tax return when I am good and ready.. Stop pressing me tim.
(TR)- What sis you do as first lady? Who did you meet with?
(HC)- whatever ..

(TR)- To “O” – Farrakhan supports Obama — WTF ?

(O)- I didn’t ask him for his support but I’ll take it.

(TR)- What should the Jews think?

(O)- I am everybody’s friend . the Jews know me.

(HC)- what about me .. what about me … I have rejected anti-semitism support . That’s right I took that stand.
(O)- Why is she playing symantics with me.. reject = denouce dayum!

commercial break

(B)- You are more liberal than Ted Kennedy.. WTF?
(O)- Those ratings are some BullShit …

(TR)- What about Putin;s successor?
(HC)- It’s a handpicked Putin supporter. We have been lax with Russian support of Iran and we need to cal them out on that.
(O)- I agree with her … Putin will remain the decision maker in Russia. Bush dropped the ball and we have an opportunity to correct that.

(O)- We recognize Kosovo’s independance but out international NATO structure will handle it — thanks to Bill Clinton.

(TR)- What if anything would you take back?
(HC)- My vote to go to war with Iraq. Please forget that and let’s look forward.
(O)- My first year in Senate … Theresa Schiedel unanimous vote.

(O)- blah blah blah … I respect HC, if you don’t vote for me vote for the party.

(B)- What does HC need to answer to prove that she is worthy?

(O)- She is worthy and qualified but I am better. We both are better than McCain.

(HC)- We both love the US blah blah blah … first woman prez blah blah blah … However; I have 35 years experience and I can get things done!


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