King of Kong movie

This has to be the most hilarious film I’ve seen this year… A fist of quarters is funny as hell.


Before tonight I’ve never heard of Steve Weibe, Billy Mitchell or Walter Day. They will forever be staples in my memory because of this cult film. This ridiculously funny documentary chronicles the inside goings on of “cut-throat” classic arcade gaming. Billy Mitchell is the current reigning “Donkey Kong” arcade game champion … that’s right Donkey Kong. He has recorded approximately 1,050,000 points playing this game with Steve Weibe on his heels with just under 1,050,000 points.

Many characters in this film show not just a passion with arcade games but their obsession. Believe it or not, there is scandal, intrigue and political bias depicted in this movie There is an “establishment”, a “bad boy” and an underdog clearly defined in this epic. Mullet wearers and crazy wrestler nick-name having gamers are a major part of the story’s plot as well.

Being a child of the 80’s, I played these games in the afternoons, after school and on weekends. Ms. pacman, galaga, defender and king kong helped to pass the time for me and most of my childhood cohorts. We have nothing on these guys and gals depicted in this video melodrama. — “Let’s have a moment of silence for Doris Self, the 80 year old gamer that the film is dedicated to who durng the film was on a quest to capture the 2006 Q*Bert title.” One guy shown throughout the film, Brian Kuh, is the self described prote’ge of the current title holder but comes off to me as more of a leech and and a psychopath. He’s a modern day Reinfeld to the films Dracula, Billy Mitchell. Watching this feature I kept imagining him saying ” master, what is thou wish for me today?” I would have cringed but he has the appearance of a midget Bill Gates. (How tough could he be?)

Even the films “champion” has issues. There is one scene when child protective services should have been called. His very young son was calling out to him and because daddy was in the middle of one of his “game of a lifetimes”, put the kid off. I honestlt believe that if the camera wasn’t rolling he would have cursed his son out. Okay in his defense, I was so caught up in his game play at that moment, I might have cursed his son out too. Anyway, he had a great score which due to the “establishment” he was not given proper credit.

Okay, why is there an “O” fficial referee for these events. No he isn’t paid for his time and dedication but he loves it all the same. (Crazy Azz mofo) … Walter Day has been the governing body for over 25 years. Twin Galaxies , the company he has coined did however become the official arcade game score principal for Guiness as in the world book of records Guiness, go figure.

The girlfriend and I give the movie’s protagonist less than 6-months before his marriage is over. Throughout the documentary his wife comes off as having one foot and half of another in divorce court. Her attitude diminishes as the film moves forward and jumps from month to year. But I must say she does stand by her man. Now that I think about it, she might be cheating on him …. He wouldn’t notice because he “still” is in hunt of the title.

This is a must-see film for anybody who has ever dropped a quarter into a slot to play an arcade game.

Big shout out to Hyperboy Media for introducing me to this nonsense. 🙂


~ by blkirish on March 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “King of Kong movie”

  1. Nice review. I loved this one as well. The Twin Galaxies world is amazing, with all its heroes, villains and sycophants.

  2. Wow, awesome review, I just saw this movie last night and googled it. I pretty much had the same impression and past arcading experience as you. Wasn’t it amazing how much these guys new about donkey kong down to what pixel you have to stop at? It was a little insane.

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