I want Bokeem Woodbine’s agent !

Whoever he may be, he keeps this dude working. Last night I had the boob tube running in the background while doing homework and I suddenly hear this unmistakable raspy, ignant ass sounding voice. Bokeem was on one of those CSI shows playing a hood, lawyer or whatever, just being “that” typical non-acting crude sounding character that has formed his career.


IMDB.com shows five movies that this dude will have a roll in for 2008. Two are in post production “Letting Go” and “Caught on Tape” with two other complete “The Poker House” and “The Fifth Commandment” which is due out March ’08. His portfolio includes some very reputable titles tat have showcased some excellent talent:

RAY w/ Jamie Fox, City of Angels w/ Hill Harper & Blair Underwood, Life w/ Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy, Dead Presidents, Crooklyn and of course Soul Food w/ Nicole Ari Parker (okay that was for me …)


His agent must bill him as the “perfect sterotypical thug” extra. How else does he keep showing up … The dude was even in a few episodes of the Sopranos, damn … I hope that I’m coming off like I’m hating on the brother, I just wonder if there aren’t enough broken English speaking — limp pimp walking brothers to fit some of those roles.


wtf! I’m about to google earch his agent and send that dude a video of me reciting the alphabet. I know he’ll be impressed because I can do it without saliva spilling out of the sides of my mouth.

Plus I rock a bald-head too!


~ by blkirish on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “I want Bokeem Woodbine’s agent !”

  1. He must have some extremely filthy video of two very famous/powerful people.

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