Who and why …?

recorder.jpg Who was the idiot that believed that all third graders in the world should learn to play the recorder? At this very moment I am enduring a weekly pre-test recital. I do not miss the Tuesday nights when she is with her mom showcasing her “night of unmusical genius”, no not at all! (Bless my baby’s little heart) She has learned the notes “B”, “A” and “G” or more accurately she thinks that she has learned the notes “B”, “A” and “G”. That translates to my ears as N-O-I-S-E. And this child (bless her little heart) is quite determined. How many times is she going to blow through that plastic tube with holes?

She just asked me “if every time she misses a note can she have to start over?” And like a glutton for punishment I said yes ma’am with as much enthusiasm as a cheerleader musters up on homecoming. Please clock tick tick tick …let these thirty minutes pass by quickly. Why does it take a whole sixty seconds to pass before a minut clicks away” Who thought of that — times like these you should be able to deduct fifteen to twenty seconds off of every minute like good behaviour credit granted to convicts, because I feel like I’m doing time right about now.

What the hell is she trying to play anyway “Gently Sleep” this sounds just like last week’s “Hot Crossed Buns“. Finally, quitting time … now I won’t have to run up to my medicine cabinet for the Excedrin. Oh wait, bedtime in 10 minutes, that means oral reading time right now. And like a good parent I again will be the audience. “Dear Dumb Diary“, why did I allow her to pick this ridiculous series of school tales? Momentary weakness on my part … I get overly excited when I’m in a bookstore with the girls, in particular the youngest who llikes to read a lot.

Four minutes before I get to shuffle her off to bed and have some quiet adult time. What’s missing is a drink and the words of my favorite writer which will put me to bed tonight as usual.


~ by blkirish on April 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Who and why …?”

  1. Now you know that I’m a fan of the recorder. I just got one when I was 39 years old. I started playing the clarinet when I was 10 and have always loved wind instruments. You are a great dad to encourage her. I remember my mom encouraging me on the simplest music even though it was very crappy music. She saw that I loved it. I don’t know how many reeds I broke as a 10 or 11 year old sleeping with my clarinet. Try to endure those first years…you may crank out the next…well, I don’t know any professional recorder players…if there are some, you may crank out one.

    BTW… I do know that Dido started out on the recorder!

  2. Madame Nigress, for you …

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