Lookout Boone’s Farm, MD2020 and Wild Irish Rose!

I’m almost ashamed to admit that this is my favorite wine in the world … Why why why are they packaging “MY” wine in to go cups?

From Daily News Links, 08/21/2006
MILLERSVILLE, Maryland, August 19, 2006-If you can take beer and malt-based coolers on the go, why not wine?

That’s the premise behind Schmitt Sohne’s newest innovation, RELAX Juniors, which offers either RELAX Riesling or RELAX Cool Red, a chillable red wine, in an unbreakable 375 ml aluminum bottle, with a screw-on re-sealable cap. Retailing for about $4.99 per bottle, RELAX Juniors will be displayed in point-of-sale cases of 12, which can sit comfortably on a store counter, encouraging customers to pick up one or two at a time.

Relax 375ml aluminum bottles

Using aluminum bottles for wine has been discussed for over a year. In early 2005, Wine Business Monthly ran a story discussing the possibility of aluminum wine packaging, as did Wines & Vines.

“We think the aluminum bottle is an idea that could revolutionize the way consumers drink wine,” said Christopher Klau, CEO of Schmitt Sohne Wines USA. “It’s easy to grab and go…perfect for stocking the cooler for picnics, ideal for serving at pool or patio parties, or for having ‘just enough’ wine at home. Now, you can still enjoy a delicious wine that’s fresh, crisp, clean and cool anywhere you go,” he added.

Klau noted that the aluminum bottle preserves the taste of the wine just as well–or better–than a glass bottle. The new bottle is a
brand extension for RELAX Riesling, which has been among Schmitt Sohne’s most popular offerings. Since its introduction in 2004, RELAX Riesling has seen sales gains of better than 100 percent year over year. RELAX Cool Red, also introduced this summer, is designed to meet the growing consumer demand for a light-bodied, chillable red wine that’s easy to drink and easy to pair with a wide variety of foods.

“We expect the public to react to RELAX Juniors much like they did for the original launch of Relax. They bought RELAX because it is a great wine at a good value, packaged in a dramatically new, fashionable bottle. We simplified the message about German wine and the consumers responded by trying RELAX en masse. They came back, though, for the taste,” Klau said.

Klau adds that the company is currently working hard to fill advance orders for Relax Juniors. However, production is now in full swing and he expects to have product shipped and available nationally by early this fall. Though the “case” for display holds 12, 375 ml bottles, the actual “case” retailers order will hold two display cases, for a total of 24 bottles.

The aluminum bottle concept may be a brave new world in wine packaging, but for Klau, it is merely part of his brand’s strategy to make German wines more understandable and accessible to the American market. The strategy began in 1996 with the package redesign of Schmitt Sohne’s Blue Bottle line, and the introduction of their wildly popular Little German advertising character.

“With the consumption of wine increasing in America, it is very important that we make our wines fit consumer’s lifestyles. We want
consumers to feel wine is more of an everyday, ordinary pleasure than special occasion treat. This new packaging makes it much easier to do that,” Klau said.

– The only upside/downside will be whether or not the new carry arounds will fit inside my jacket pocket. 🙂


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  1. Honey, why are you stalking our favorite wine?

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