She’s coming back …

Okay for several years now I’ve been advocating the return of mom-dukes back to the area. These days she seems to be fixing herslf to do just that, Move back! I’m happy for her and everyone else interested and all but … uhh! I didn’t expect her to move in with me.

Not that I don’t or couldn’t make the space if necessary but I have two older sisters and it just makes sense for her to stay with one of them. I’m recently divorced and split 50% custody of my daughters with the ex. We have seven days on then seven days off with the girls. So every other week is “Me” time.

Not saying that on my off time I’m running a whore house … but I do appreciate my “Me” time which translates to the free weekends spent with my favorite writer (dp) and the weekdays doing whatever or nothing else.

I don’t wanna deal with a grown adult on my time … especially mom-dukes. We get along great but that’s because there are a couple of thousand miles between us. I have made it known that she should be with daughters but she isn’t registering what I’m saying. And my sisters are laughing at me. They aren’t necessarily opposed to moms staying with either of them but they aren’t volunteering either.

I’m not worried that I’ll be stuck with ol’girl but it could happen. What the hell… she took care when I got on her nerves … maybe I should return the favor. One option would be to split custody of mom-dukes with my sisters.

That will be my next argument. I’ll create the schedule so that I have her on holidays and weekends that my daughters are home. That way I can get good food and free childcare. hmmm … knowing mom-dukes, she may charge me for childcare and refuse to cook except on Sundays. I’ll let you know how that goes.



~ by blkirish on August 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “She’s coming back …”

  1. I vote FOR the return of Mom-Dukes.

  2. That’s because you can treat her like a niece or nephew … when she gets on your nerves you can go back home!


  3. True dat.

  4. You knew she was going to come back eventually. Don’t you read the bible? She went away to prepare a place for you!

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