Day 1 age 37

This is the first day of year 37 for me. so far so good…

Long gone are the days of ripping shit up to celebrate my birthday, and good riddance! For one, I am glad to be see my 37th year. For others it did not and will not materialize for one reason or other but I am very thankful that I’ve been blessed with mine.

Keeping stats: Divorced once, three kids one of which from ex-wive’s previous marriage, okay health (no meds … but diet and exercise wouldn’t hurt.. LOL), I have a great girlfriend and all of the adjuncts associated with her, and Happy!

Today I plan on meeting up with a guy to consider a coaching position with one of the most successful boys & girls clubs in this area. This is something that I’ve put off doing over the years mainyly because of job and home responsibilities. At the moment I am in a good position and may be able to get my feet wet with coaching some kids.

That’s all for now just a quick second to say hello world.
If you get a chance check out this site [coparenting101], very good resources for anyone associated with a divorce or coparenting issue.



~ by blkirish on August 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Day 1 age 37”

  1. “Adjuncts”, lol.

    Since Antigua may not happen, I owe you a gift…

  2. Ok…I admit I am bad with birthdays. I knew you had a birthday coming and then it was gone from my head. You would think that having a head with the sort of circumference I have would allow me to remember every birthday in the history of the human race but somehow, it slipped through. I would like to wish you a very sincere, very belated but very warm Happy Birthday. You are a man of great humor, wit and intelligence. Your very person has provided me with a huge amount of comedy both from you and at your expense. I remember back when you were an innocent little 34 year old…by innocent, I mean not Charles Manson. Happy Birthday to my great friend! It will only get better from here!

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