Capadocia is the new Cell Block H

Okay, I don’t even speak espanol and I love this damn show. Excuse my minor Latina fetish that keeps popping up but I swear that’s just a small part of why I watch this shit. This modern day female rpison drama has a million and one sub-plots that are all plausible (or so I tell myself).

Kidnapping, murder, drugs and human trafficking are the offenses that bring these broads to prison. Oh yeah; and so does shop-lifting and having your boss put a gun in your hand after blowing his wife away …. (She went to jail because she didn’t speak spanish either.)

My favorite writer has told her friends and readers time and again about her crushes on Morgan Freeman and lately Walter Mosley so I don’t feel guilty introducing to my folks Dolores Heredia…. ahhh I did a quick two minute search but could not find a website devoted to just her loviliness. Heredia plays the no-nonsense yet beautiful attorney/warden Teresa Lagos of Capadocia, the mexican all-womens prison, which is the main object of interest for this series. It’s inmates and staff tell their stories and some are far-out while some can be everyday here in S.E. DC.

At the moment I have an episode playing thanks to Comcast On-Demand .. realizing that there are three or four broads that get my “ahem” attention. Sexy P if you are reading this only Heredia meets my age requirement. Lorena is nice but she has this old Troll woman touching and lusting after her every night whichis creepy and nasty. Riddle me this … why the hell is Teresa always talking to Burian? Isn’t he bi?

When did Spanish kids like Andrea start acting like White kids and locking their parents out of their rooms .. sheeeeet!! Teresa don’t take that, you know ahe’s trying to seduce you 24yr. old jump-off.
Will Santiago become El Presidente? Obviously, him banging Isabel won’t stop him… Hold up did Andrea just ask to move in with her dad…? I wish L and T would ask to move in with their papi!

Mujer .. now that’s a word I like. I gotta go now all but I haven’t finished this posting. Redskins vs Steelers in five minutes and that chick that keeps a theory with her is waiting .

I hate these two words but for shits and giggloes !

more later

this is my new Wire!


~ by blkirish on November 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Capadocia is the new Cell Block H”

  1. 1. “Broads”? What would your daughters say about that?

    2. Re: my crushes…”Hi, hater!”

    3. Lusting after women in a women’s prison drama? Can you do me a favor and be a BIGGER walking cliche???

    4. “…everyday here in S.E. DC.” Stop playin. You haven’t called SE D.C. “home” since Hector was a pup.


  2. uno – Keep the babies out of it!
    dos – Hater says hello … 🙂
    tres – I am that I am .. take me as I am.
    qautro – I did drive through SE twice today — to and from work ma’am.


  3. what’s up blkirish?? you’ve been in cognito on the blog scene for a while, but i see you’re back. i haven’t heard of this show so i’ll have to check it to see what you men are all drooling over. 😛

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