Kathy Griffin – Dlisted

I have no idea what her hang up is with Oprah but this chick is hilarious as hell. She rags on Clay Aiken, Oprah Winfrey, Babara Walters and the entire religious sect of Scientology.

My favorite writer and I slept through the ball drop but after several text messages and missed calls from friends, family and other well-wishers we were full awake with the boob-tube running. We stumbled on last years New Year’s Eve coverage with kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper … an odd couple but sort of complimentary as a comic duo the straight guy and funny man errr woman.

Kathy Griffin-Anderson Cooper New Year’s Eve: Did she just say…?

Jan 1, 2009, 01:57 AM | by Mike Bruno

Categories: Happy Holidays, Television

Who’da thunk staying home watching TV on New Year’s Eve would be so moderately entertaining? I watched a bit of the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (so is that it? is Dick Clark retiring?), but it was the Anderson Cooper-Kathy Griffin festivities on CNN that kept me up past midnight — CHICAGO time. For better or worse, they had a refreshing element of complete unpredictablity. Here are the highlights:

* Kathy Griffin’s on-air, “is this mike still on?” response to one of her many Times Square hecklers (NSFW clip below). You just know somewhere an exasperated old man in a suit is shaking his head saying, “I TOLD them she was too smutty…”

* Kathy queries Anderson, “What are you wearing?” and he pretends he doesn’t understand the question even though he fights her off when she tries to remove the tape covering the label on his fitted coat.
* Anderson admits he can’t properly pronounce double Ts, especially embarrassing as he lives in “Manhadden.”
* During his live, upside-down-stripper booty-smacking-performance, Lil Wayne gives a “shout out to Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin” (which Anderson and Kathy abruptly interrupt before he is finished — seven second delay perhaps?).
* Anderson throws down a challenge to Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, saying he could “take” both of them in an arm wrestle.
* Sean Callebs dislikes New Orleans on New Year’s, likes chucking beads at the “belligerent” Bourbon Street masses.
* Coolio: “I think at the end of the day I’m gonna go down as one of the top 10 performers ever to live. In hip hop.” He just freaks me out.

Anyone else catch this? What else was on last night? And what did Lil Wayne have to say to Anderson and Kathy?


~ by blkirish on January 1, 2009.

One Response to “Kathy Griffin – Dlisted”

  1. I caught a glimpse of them as well on New Year’s and thought it was indeed an odd pairing, except the fact that tabloids have long rumored Anderson to be gay, and Kathy loves her gays. I’ve seen her do standup in Columbus and I’m a big fan of Kathy. I like AC, too, especially his response to Katrina which totally won me over.

    CNN is trying out some edgy things these days. Like what’s up with DL Hughley on CNN? His show is good, but it just doesn’t fit my image of CNN. I guess they’re trying to change with the political times and naturally stumbling along the way.

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