dis’ad – Vantage Point (the movie)

Finally got around to check out Vantage Point this weekend [On Demand]. I gotta agree with the consensus over at rottentomatoes.com.

Consensus: Vantage Point has an interesting premise that is completely undermined by fractured storytelling and wooden performances.

You’d figure that with such a high powered cast and as unique a concept as a presidential assassination attempt seen from multiple perspectives that even novice director Pete Travis couldn’t fail … wishful thinking on that one.

However this film did win an award in 2008 … “Golden Trailer – Best Thriller” I’m not surprised at this, it was the trailer that prompted me to put this on my “must see eventually” list.

Some bright spots in this movie:

Saïd Taghmaoui (Played Suarez – Lead Terrorist)

For those who know about the Showtime original series Sleeper Cell are well aware of his work as Hamid.

Zoe Saldana (GNN News Reporter- Angie Jones)

Eye Candy …. Her air time was every bit of three minutes. Then they killed her off! I’m patiently waiting to see her in the IMAX release later this year in the latest Star Trek film starring as Lt. Uhura. I’m not totally convinced that she has the legs to make me forget about Nichelle Nichols but I will approach it with an open mind.

Now my personal favorite which is one of two reasons why I finished this nonsense …. drum-roll please …..

Dolores Heredia (Marie – Little Girl Anna’s mother)
Her time on camera was much shorter that Saldana’s if you can believe it. But because of the appreciation I have for her work I’m embedding this youtube tribute to her.

The other reason I finished this film is because I’m slightly OCD and I have to finish movies and films that I start regardless of whether or not I like it not.

Thumbs down to the film … the cast did what it could …



~ by blkirish on January 5, 2009.

One Response to “dis’ad – Vantage Point (the movie)”

  1. I saw the movie in theaters but was kinda disappointed when I saw it. I knew that the story was being told from different perspectives, but I didn’t know how they were going to do that so I was confused the first few times the clock started. The film has the potential to be great, if it were redone.

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