Can’t stop, won’t stop

My favorite writer is doin’ thangs. Check her out:

“Write Your Damned Book Proposal Already!”

Like us!

In Write Your Damned Book Proposal Already!, you can expect 6 weekly group web teleconference calls covering the key components of a successful non-fiction book proposal. The calls will be led by Deesha Philyaw, owner of …the last word. LLC. Each week’s call will include a mini-lecture, practical strategies to get you from concept to completion, and a Q&A period. Topics covered will include:

  • Why a book proposal is necessary
  • What agents and publishers look for in a book proposal
  • What should be included in a book proposal
  • The role of research in the proposal writing process
  • Determining the audience/market for your book
  • Building your author’s platform
  • Your proposal is complete…now what?

Additionally, you will receive:

  • A reading of your completed or partial proposal plus two (2) 30-minute individual consultations with Deesha (via phone or chat), all scheduled at your convenience prior to, during, or within 6 months of completing the webinar
  • Feedback on your completed or partial book proposal from Danielle Chiotti via a one-page checklist (within 6 months of completing the webinar)
  • A complimentary e-book, Get Published and Get (Well) Paid!, by Yvonne Bynoe, founder of Soulful Affluence, a resource for “starving artists” who desire to become financially thriving creative entrepreneurs

So if you, or someone you know, has a non-fiction book idea and need help getting started, join us!


~ by blkirish on December 15, 2010.

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