blkirish “steelo”

Virgo — Symbol  The male ruled by Virgo possesses an analytical mind and is neat to a fault…not necessarily in his person, but rather in the things he deals with. If this man likes gardening or woodwork, for example, he will keep his tools in neat rows…a sure sign of the perfectionist (aka OCDism). The ambitions of the Virgo male usually carry him soaring to the top of his chosen profession or trade (I’ve paid my dues and won’t do the grunt work — anymore). However, he is not one to set high sights simply for the sake of succeeding. Above all, he believes that if a thing is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. The man governed by this Sign is far from a romantic soul, but once he has made up his mind about a partner, he will go all out to attain that goal (seeStalker)This is a man who tends to be correct (-ish) during the courtship period…always saying and doing the right things (playa playa!). He likes to go to nice restaurants and to the theater and could be considered something of a bore maybe , were it not for the fact that he is so utterly genuine…and for all that, does have occasional bouts of wit or scatty humor that can be irresistible (schizophrenia). This is a nice male to know and probably equally as nice to live with because he is so tolerant of human failings…save untidyness (<–not talking about memaybe a little.), which is perceived as the one great sin. As a long term partner, the Virgo man is true and solid, though not always demonstrative. He also makes for an excellent father (yessir!).

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